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My name is Mandy Carr and I'm from Sylvania Ohio. My son recently started treatment and I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful the staff and doctors are at Drs. Haerian, Ludwig, & Simon Orthodontics. Every time we walk into the office the staff makes us feel comfortable. They are so informative and helpful, and just so caring. My son always looks forward to his visits and we always leave the office with a smile on our face. They have made everything a wonderful experience so far. The office staff is so accommodating from appointment times to financial needs, and I could go on and on. The doctors and the staff get an A+ from me and my son. Working on the dental field myself I would definitely recommend Drs. Haerian, Ludwig, & Simon Orthodontics to all of our patients; thank you doctors and staff for making this an awesome experience. — Mandy Carr, Sylvania, Ohio

Hi, my name is Steve Welty and I live in Longview, Ohio. At the age of about 53 I'd been unhappy about my teeth and the appearance, my self-esteem for several years but I always felt I waited too late to do something. One day my wife came from a visit to her dentist office and told me that her dentist, who was about my age had just had his braces applied at Drs. Haerian, Ludwig, & Simon Orthodontics. That was about all the push that I needed and I've not regretted the decision that day. As a businessman I know that it's the little things that define a well-run business. Experiences with Dr. Haerian, Dr. Simon, and Ludwig were very positive. They took the time to explain exactly where I was at with my treatment and what steps needed to be taken. All of their assistants were very capable and knowledgeable people as well and very friendly. The entire organization was run efficiently but with a personal touch and that meant a lot to me. I'm very pleased with the results and my self-confidence has improved considerably since I've had my braces removed. I would strongly recommend Drs. Haerian, Ludwig, & Simon Orthodontics to anyone, no matter what their age is. Thanks! — Welty, Longview, Ohio

Hi, my name is Tyler from Toledo. I had my braces with Drs. Simon Haerian and Ann Ludwig. I love my orthodontic office because everyone treated me like a pal, not just a patient. And now, I have a smile that rocks! Thank you! — Tyler, Toledo

Hi my name is Terri and I'm from Lambertville, Michigan. I had orthodontic treatment when I was a teenager but wasn't very faithful about wearing my retainer. It was a retainer that had a metal wire that went across your front teeth and I just did not like the way that it looked. Now that I'm an adult I wanted to go back into them and get them straight the way that they were. When I'm finished with my braces they will give me a clear retainer that I will wear for about three months and then I only have to go to bedtime with it. On the bottom they will glue a permanent wire in that will last a lifetime. Now that I know that getting my teeth perfect that was just half the battle, the other half is having an invisible retainer that will keep my teeth perfect for lifetime. Thank you! — Terri, Lambertville, Michigan

I'm Lynn from Toledo, Ohio. I just love the orthodontic practice of Dr. Simon, Haerian, & Ludwig. For my family, braces was a family affair. My husband, my son, and I all had fantastic orthodontic treatment in their office. Their hours are so convenient with nights and weekends, they always worked with me really well around my schedule. Their offices have state of the art equipment, super clean and nice and then they have all the fun things like free video games and contests. The staff is great, which by the way is my favorite thing about the office. The front staff is so friendly and helpful and like I said always working with me so I could schedule my appointments. The girls in the clinic, they're so good at keeping you informed and address all your concerns, always. The doctors, they're just fantastic. This is by far the best orthodontic office in the area. I recommend all my friends go there. — Lynn, Toledo, Ohio

Hi, my name is Alicia, I'm from Michigan. I've been in the dental business for quite a few years and although I had a nice smile it wasn't perfect. I finally decided it was time to go the whole nine yards and get braces for the perfect smile. The clear brackets would definitely help camouflage the fact that I'm getting my teeth straightened. As a matter of fact, I was having lunch with a friend and after a while she stopped and looked at me. I smiled and said yes I finally decided to straighten my teeth. She replied with get out of town, I didn't even notice until I paid attention. So having braces as an adult isn't a big of a deal as I thought it might be and in just a few more months I won't have just a nice smile, I will have a perfect one. — Alicia, Michigan

Hi, my name is Wendy and I'm from Toledo, Ohio. I decided when I was in my early 30s that I was sick and tired of putting my hand over my mouth when I laughed and never showing my crooked teeth when I smile. I went for consultations with three different dentists on it and I really didn't like anything they recommended. I thought crooked teeth was easy to do but unfortunately that wasn't the whole problem. I actually had a jaw discrepancy issue and straightening my teeth wouldn't correct my bite. To get the smile I always dreamed of would take orthodontics and jaw surgery performed by an oral surgeon. After careful consideration I decided to go with Dr. Haerian and Dr. Ludwig because I felt they were honest, explained things well, and offered a financial plan that worked for me. After two years of treatment, I was finally able to laugh and smile without being self-conscious. As a result I became more outgoing and confident. As a matter of fact, I was so happy with my own results that I now work for Drs. Simon and Ludwig. I love helping children and adults in correcting problems with their teeth and helping them have a perfect smile, too. It's so gratifying hearing about how nice of a smile I have but it's also nice to help others have a nice smile, too! — Wendy, Toledo, Ohio