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Memorial Day

May 19th, 2015

Memorial Day is not only a federal holiday in the United States, but it is a day of observance and remembrance of those who died in service. Originally known as Decoration Day, this solemn day has been marked on calendars since the end of the American Civil War as a day to commemorate both the Confederate and Union soldiers who fought and died in the war.

Marking the graves of fallen soldiers with flowers, wreaths, or other tokens has been practiced throughout history, but it wasn't until the mark of the end of the Civil War that a special day was decided upon as the one to spend in remembrance. By 1890, every state in the country was observing Decoration Day. It wasn't until 1967 when the name formally changed from Decoration Day to Memorial Day, in order to encompass all fallen American soldiers in all wars and conflicts. In June of 1968, Congress moved the official date of Memorial Day to the last Monday in May in order to create a three day weekend.

Today, while there is certainly an air of remembrance on Memorial Day, it has become more a day of spending time with family, friends, and other loved ones. This day is also heralded as the start of summer, with many schools finishing for the year around this time. Our team at Drs. Simon, Haerian and Ludwig Orthodontics remembers it as a day to take solace and remembered those lost.

Traditional observances of Memorial Day are still held, and they often involve raising the American Flag then lowering it to a half-staff position until noon, and then raising it once again to its full height afterwards. The flag is lowered to remember those who've lost their lives while in service to their country, and then it is raised to signify our willingness to not let their sacrifice be in vain.

From community parades in the Sylvania, Lambertville, or Maumee, OH area, backyard cook-outs, and fireworks to formal ceremonies, Memorial Day is commemorated in many different ways. No matter how you choose to spend this day, take a moment to remember those who've lost their lives in an effort to preserve our freedom.

Staff Spotlight: Alicia

May 14th, 2015

Alicia has been with the Drs. Simon, Haerian, and Ludwig Orthodontics team since 2005 and has extensive experience in general dentistry and pediatrics. Of course, her favorite is orthodontics! As one of our orthodontic assistants, Alicia uses a gentle hand and a kind smile for all procedures in which she’s involved. Her favorite thing about orthodontics is seeing the wonderful changes our patients go through throughout their treatment!

Alicia loves spending time with her husband Scott and two children Elyse and Braylon, either at home with a movie and a bowl of popcorn or at their cottage at Higgins Lake. In her free time, Alicia enjoys boating, bowling, and scrapbooking. A fun fact about Alicia? She threw the shot put in high school and held the school record for 11 years!

Make sure you say hello to Alicia at your next appointment at our Sylvania, Lambertville, or Maumee office!

Common Issues with Braces: How to avoid bad breath

May 12th, 2015

A bright, beautiful smile is often achieved with braces. The time you spend wearing braces is an investment in the good health and appearance of your smile. However, Drs. Eugene S. Simon, H.A. Haerian, and Jennifer Ludwig and our staff know that having braces on your teeth can pose challenges. Many of these challenges are commonly faced by all who wear braces, such as flossing, getting food stuck in your braces, and bad breath.

Today, let’s address bad breath and what to do about it. There’s no reason you have to shy away from conversation for fear that you’ve got bad breath.

Fresh Breath Tips for Braces Wearers

  • Eat a Healthy Diet. Unhealthy foods that are laden with sugar can contribute to bad breath. Stick with healthy produce, protein, grains, and dairy found on the list of foods your orthodontist says are safe to eat with braces.
  • Drink Non-Sugary Beverages. Likewise, steer clear of sugary sodas and juices for the same reason. They contribute to bad breath.
  • Stay Hydrated. A mouth that’s continually dry can lead to bad breath by inhibiting your production of saliva. Regular production of saliva removes bacteria and excess food from your mouth, both of which cause bad breath.
  • Brush Often. Brush your teeth and tongue first thing in the morning, after each meal and snack, and before you go to bed, to remove food particles and bacteria that cause bad breath.
  • Don’t Forget to Floss. Flossing with braces might seem tricky, but it is a necessity. Ask Drs. Eugene S. Simon, H.A. Haerian, and Jennifer Ludwig to show you the best way to floss effectively with braces.
  • Mouthwash Use. Use the mouthwash recommended by Drs. Eugene S. Simon, H.A. Haerian, and Jennifer Ludwig. For the best results, swish the mouthwash around in your mouth for 30 seconds.
  • Get Regular Cleanings. Regular dental exams and cleanings are more important when you have braces. Cavities can delay your treatment progress, so be sure to visit your dentist every six months.

Practice Good Hygiene Daily

Good oral hygiene practices are important every day, whether you wear braces or not. But they become even more important during the months you wear braces. In addition to your regular orthodontic checkups, see your general dentist for cleanings and exams.

Together, you and our Sylvania, Lambertville, or Maumee, OH team will keep your mouth healthy and fresh during and after your orthodontic treatment.

Staff Spotlight: Terrie

May 7th, 2015

Terrie joined Drs. Simon, Haerian, and Ludwig Orthodontics in 2007 as a treatment coordinator and orthodontic assistant. Her job gives her a great opportunity to meet many of our new patients and help them begin their journey to a new, beautiful smile. She also gets to help them along the way during bonding and adjustment appointments.

While Terrie loves working at Drs. Simon, Haerian, and Ludwig Orthodontics, being a mom is her favorite job. She also loves expressing her artistic side by baking, doing glass and wood work, and decorating her home. We never turn down the delicious treats she brings into the office for us!

During your next appointment at our Sylvania, Lambertville, or Maumee office, say hello to Terrie!

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